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Loan Details API

Lenders can listen for specified event notifications and programmatically request additional application details for each individual application.

These webhook event notifications cover a range of updates, such as changes in work queues, funding alerts, decision notifications, and other relevant events.

Furthermore, the API facilitates the retrieval of additional event details or loan application information as needed.

Event notifications

Receive instantaneous webhook event-driven notifications from arc OS in real-time

Data retrieval

Retrieve real-time event data and loan information through a unified API.


Implement token-based authentication to ensure secure and authorized access.


Supports versioning to ensure backward compatibility as the API evolves over time.

how it works
The Loan Details API brings together real-time webhook event notifications and data retrieval in a single API for simplicity and improved risk management.

Quickly subscribe to and receive webhook notification updates:

New application

New decision

Application withdrawn

New loan comment

Stipulation complete

Application funded

New loan document

Application has been exported to host (Coming soon)

Application work queue changed (Coming soon)

External system authenticates itself using the API key and token.

Retrieve real-time loan-related details

Enhance efficiency and data access

Seamless data transfer and synchronization

Use Case

A loan officer or lender partner wishes to inquire about the status of a loan application and retrieve information regarding applicants, loan specifics, collateral, approval status, and additional details.

This streamlined process is enabled by utilizing the capabilities of the arc OS API through an external system.

Lender benefits

Seamless integration

A well-designed Loan Details API facilitates seamless integration with your CRM or external system. This means you can easily incorporate the API into your existing infrastructure without major disruptions, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Automation and efficiency

Automated document upload and download processes save time for both users and system administrators, improving overall efficiency.

Timely updates

The API provides real-time event status notifications, enabling your external system to receive immediate updates on loan status changes. This ensures that you are always working with the latest and most accurate information.

Customized data retrieval

The API allows you to retrieve specific loan information based on your needs. This customization ensures that you only receive the data relevant to your business processes, optimizing the efficiency of your external system.

Enhanced decision-making

Access to current and detailed loan information empowers you to make informed decisions quickly. Whether it's assessing funding alerts, work queue changes, or decision alerts, having up-to-date data at your fingertips enhances your ability to respond effectively.

Cost-effective solution

Automating data updates through the API reduces the need for manual intervention, ultimately saving time and resources. This cost-effective solution allows you to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on strategic aspects of your business.

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