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Document API

The Document API is designed to streamline the handling of documents related to consumer loan applications in arc OS.

This API enables authorized lenders and partners to securely and efficiently upload and download documents to loan applications in arc OS.

Document upload & download

Effortlessly upload and download documents in real-time.

Document formats

Upload and download documents in multiple formats.


Implement token-based authentication to ensure secure and authorized access.


Supports versioning to ensure backward compatibility as the API evolves over time.

Origence Document API
how it works

1. An external system authenticates itself using the API key and token.

2. The external system uploads necessary documents to the LOS using the /upload endpoint.

3. The LOS stores the documents securely and associates them with the corresponding loan application.

4. When needed, the external system retrieves documents using the /download endpoint.

5. The external system can also retrieve metadata for further information about specific documents using the /metadata endpoint.

Use Case

Enable external systems to upload or download loan-related documents to arc OS.

Documents may include identity proofs, financial statements, property information, etc.

Origence Document API arc OS

Lender benefits

Centralized document management

Centralization ensures consistency in document storage, retrieval, and tracking, simplifying overall document management processes.

Automation and efficiency

Automated document upload and download processes save time for both users and system administrators, improving overall efficiency.

Integration with external systems

Integration ensures consistency across systems and avoids the need for manual data entry or duplication of efforts.

Enhanced user experience

The API-driven approach contributes to a more positive and streamlined user experience.

Cost-effective solution

By automating document-related tasks and reducing manual efforts, APIs contribute to cost savings in terms of time, labor, and potential error correction.

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