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CUDL Connect API

Securely submit applications from approved third-party partners and export data to your preferred third-party data and document retention applications.

With the CUDL Connect API, you gain the agility and efficiency to expedite application processing, leveraging a platform that seamlessly integrates with other systems while prioritizing security within your current infrastructure.

Loan submission

Submit loan applications swiftly and securely, ensuring quick processing and efficient decision-making.

Data export

Effortlessly export valuable information in seconds, empowering you to analyze and utilize data effectively.


Leverage versioning support to ensure backward compatibility as the API evolves over time.


Safeguard your data with encryption protocols, authentication, and comprehensive access controls.

how it works

The CUDL Connect API brings together a myriad of services in a unified API enhancing simplicity and facilitating seamless integration.

Loan application submission

Loan comments

Document upload

Decision updates

Data retrieval

Document retrieval

Dealer data import

Loan payoff data upload

Use case

By integrating the CUDL Connect API into your loan processing workflow, you can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

The API's comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities make it an invaluable tool for optimizing lending operations, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

CUDL Connect API Use Case Origence

Lender benefits

Streamlined integration

The API consolidates a variety of services into a single platform, making integration with existing systems seamless and efficient. This reduces the complexity of integrating multiple systems individually.

Automation and efficiency

Document upload and download features save time for both users and system administrators, improving overall efficiency.

Integration with external systems

Integration ensures consistency across systems and avoids the need for manual data entry or duplication of efforts.

Enhanced user experience

The API-driven approach contributes to a more positive and streamlined user experience.

Cost-effective solution

Utilizing the CUDL Connect API for integration minimizes the necessity for manual intervention, leading to significant time and resource savings. This efficient solution enables you to allocate resources more effectively, empowering you to concentrate on the strategic elements of your business.


The CUDL Connect API presents lenders with a potent resource for ensuring security, rendering it a valuable tool for credit unions seeking to enhance their lending operations.

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